Greg Nelsen, San Diego Photographer

YOU HAVE A BIG EVENT — maybe even the biggest and best day of your life. You want someone to not only capture its most important moments, but to also photograph you and your people at their natural best.

How do you choose someone to do this? What are the qualities, experience and personality you seek and trust to document and enhance your enjoyment of your big thing?

Perhaps you want the aesthetic sensibilities of an award-winning art director whose over 15 years in the advertising business includes brand work for Coca-Cola, and Major League Baseball.

Or maybe you want the focused eye of a seasoned professional who has been contracted to photograph the Prime Minister of Fiji, a Kennedy, and numerous CEOs and celebrities, and whose editorial work has been featured in the Washington Post, The New York Times and Photo District News.

Or, even more, you’re seeking that perfect chemistry between photographer and subject; someone who brings a warm, relaxed, confident ease and a sense of fun to help put you in the best frame, while also knowing how to fade into the background to let magic happen.

You could have all of this, when you GET GREG.